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Mustard Greens


  Red (purple), green, ruffled, and more  - cooking mustards. Cook as you would any other cooking green - but this one cooks very quickly (just wilt it) and there is no need to remove the stems as they are very tender. We stir fry them with a splash of olive oil, garlic, pepper and [...]

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Golden Crown/Golden Midget/Diana


After many years of growing watermelons, this is one of our favourite heirlooms - Yellow Skin and richly pink, sweet, and delicious flesh - amazing! Originally from China, it is an fabulous melon which goes under the names of "Golden Crown," "Golden Midget,"  and "Diana" - three names for the same heirloom melon. Enjoy!

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Canadian Organic Sweet Corn!!


Our Sweet Corn will soon be appearing in your baskets! Enjoy!! Weather permitting, it could last well through September and the sweetest varieties mature later in the season. And it is Canadian Organic unlike the chemical-laden sweet corn which plagues roadside stands and markets these days! Yikes - unless it is certified organic, it is [...]

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Yellow and White Mangels


White and Yellow mangels with luscious green tops - so easy to cook and so delicious. Cut off the roots and steam them until tender. Then run them under cold water to remove the skin and enjoy! At this time of year, these young root crops cook quickly. The green tops are one of the [...]

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The absolute best wild mushroom around. Every part of it can be consumed, and although many recipes explain how to savour every piece of them, we just saute them lightly in butter and pepper and enjoy! The are not cultivated - so Mother Natures determines how many we have and for how long!! Enjoy the [...]

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