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Shallot Scape!!


Just like garlic scape - only from shallots! It is milder than garlic scape, but used in the same fashion. It is great chopped thinly in salads or cooked anyway you like! They make an unbelievable shallot stock which we use in many of our prepared foods. And the flower buds are also entirely edible [...]

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Greenhouse Cucumbers!!


Our greenhouse cucumbers have started and they are the best cucumbers we have ever tasted!! We are experimenting with different types of packaging to prevent them from drying out, so they may look a bit unusual. If you like cucumbers, you will love these. First, we will only have small quantities, but soon, bushels of [...]

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French Filet Green Beans


Finally! Fresh french filet green beans - pencil thin - the best green bean around - tender and full of flavour - great raw or sauteed in butter - or anyway you want to enjoy it! Some chefs believe that boiling them is the best way to enhance their flavour. These are not the tough, [...]

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This small, red tomato ("Stupice") has won many taste-testing competitions around the globe! It is richly flavoured. We grow a lot of these and they will be appearing the larger-sized baskets this week. They are larger than a "cherry" tomato, but not as large as "slicer." Sometimes they are grow in odd shapes - but [...]

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