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Finally – lots and lots of beautiful greens!


Lettuce Stands If you love lettuce, you will be in heaven for the next little while. Our greens have finally taken off and are amazing. There will be lots and lots in the baskets in the weeks to come. The mix will contain new ingredients as well as each season we “test” many varieties which [...]

Ways to Use Micro-Greens and Pea Shoots


We receive lots of emails about micro-greens and pea shoots as many of our customers do not know how to use them or confuse them with "sprouts." First of all, our micro-vegetables are grown in sterilized soil, not water! “Sprouts” are grown in water and are subject to many health issues. Our varieties of micro-vegetables [...]



Micro-Greens Micro-greens are standard component of the weekly baskets and are contained in one of the plastic bags you receive. These marvelous, delicate, micro-vegetables are full of flavour and  contain lots of healthy nutrients. We are in the process of dramatically changing the micro-greens so that they are different every week. Instead of a mix [...]

Sunflower Shoots


Our customers asked for them - so here they are! Sunflower shoots - grown in soil, not in water. Some of the baskets may contain them but generally they are available to our "Greens Only" customers and as an Add-On. Enjoy!!

Swiss Chard


Baby swiss chard is a fresh and flavourful addition to our salad mix! Enjoy!!

New Bags!!


We have been working on new bags for our greens for several years and we have finally found a bag which works very well!! Manufactured in Montreal, they are "breathable" bags like the old Ziplock bags and can keep product as fresh as the day picked for up to two weeks (not that [...]