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Honey Mushrooms!


Honey Mushrooms grow in the Fall and are a real treat! Just when you think the "wild" mushroom season is over, here they come! Be sure to thoroughly clean "wild" mushrooms before cooking and NEVER eat them raw. These compliment a Fall stir-fry (with daikon radishes and bok choy!), roast beautifully, or enhance the flavour [...]

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Why Certified Organic Sweet Corn Costs More!


We believe that it is very important to understand the difference between the conventional sweet corn you can buy now at local markets or roadside stands and the certified organic sweet corn which we and other certified organic farmers grow. The methods used to grow these crops are entirely different. Conventional Sweet Corn: In conventional [...]

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The absolute best wild mushroom around. Every part of it can be consumed, and although many recipes explain how to savour every piece of them, we just saute them lightly in butter and pepper and enjoy! The are not cultivated - so Mother Natures determines how many we have and for how long!! Enjoy the [...]

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Shallot Scape!!


Just like garlic scape - only from shallots! It is milder than garlic scape, but used in the same fashion. It is great chopped thinly in salads or cooked anyway you like! They make an unbelievable shallot stock which we use in many of our prepared foods. And the flower buds are also entirely edible [...]

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Empty Nester’s Basket


After many requests, we have developed a new basket type which should accommodate "Empty-Nesters" as well as smaller households. The minimum order is still $60 but only $40 of the minimum will make up a smaller vegetable basket with the remaining $20 to be spent in Add-Ons from our extensive list of products: certified organic [...]

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Harvest Table 2015


Harvest Table returns Sunday, August 30th, inside the new Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park. This should be a spectacular celebration of local food! We of course are participating as well as many other local growers. Tickets are available online: Harvest Table tickets  (Cream-of-the-Crop tickets are already SOLD OUT!)

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