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Finally – lots and lots of beautiful greens!


Lettuce Stands If you love lettuce, you will be in heaven for the next little while. Our greens have finally taken off and are amazing. There will be lots and lots in the baskets in the weeks to come. The mix will contain new ingredients as well as each season we “test” many varieties which [...]

Certified Organic Food is Always the better Choice


ORGANIC FOOD IS STILL THE BETTER CHOICE By Simon Neufeld The CBC reported recently on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s tests for pesticide residues on organic and conventional produce in Canadian grocery stores. The concern about pesticide residues is real: we should be wary of exposing ourselves to chronic low doses of complex and untested [...]

New Bags!!


We have been working on new bags for our greens for several years and we have finally found a bag which works very well!! Manufactured in Montreal, they are "breathable" bags like the old Ziplock bags and can keep product as fresh as the day picked for up to two weeks (not that [...]

Basket of Produce!


What we do best (we hope)! After nearly ten years of doing what we do, we have learned a lot  - not only about organic farming, but also about how to put baskets together which our customers will use and enjoy. We try never to "dump" produce on our customers but rather to [...]