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How To Use Bryson Farms’ Fresh to Freezer Heirloom Tomatoes

From Chef Richard Nigro:

Despite their appearance, our tomatoes are not fresh – they are “preserved” tomatoes!  They are best used to replace canned or other processed tomatoes. We use them in all of our prepared foods which require tomatoes.

When working with the tomatoes, it best to work with partially frozen tomatoes – say 75% frozen. This makes peeling and chopping the tomatoes much easier.

Peel the skin from the tomatoes when the tomatoes have thawed a bit – this can be done with a paring knife or a vegetable peeler (or your fingers).

While the tomatoes are more frozen than thawed, the tomatoes can be chopped into a beautiful dice, quartered, or sliced.








The freezing process makes the thawed tomatoes softer and results in a great deal more tomato liquid: DO NOT discard the water that the tomatoes give off as it is full of flavor. Here, we simmered the whole thawed tomatoes, tomato slices, and liquid on the stove-top until well blended (about 30 minutes on low heat):






We then just stirred the pan contents until a rich, beautiful, thick sauce was created – in which we added spices, poached mixed root vegetables, and served over rice! But the sky is the limit on how these tomatoes can be used!



If you are not cooking with the tomatoes, save the water to use as a part of vegetable stock or other soup stock to be used later. When making a soup, either a simple tomato soup, or a soup which incorporates tomatoes as an ingredient like a Minestrone or a Bouillabaisse, use Bryson Farms’ Fresh to Freezer Heirloom Tomatoes.

Use the diced tomatoes and the tomato water that is released as the tomatoes thaw.  Use the tomatoes in a braise or stew: whether making a simple winter stew, or a more luxurious osso bucco or lamb shank, Bryson’s Heirloom Tomatoes will add great flavour to the pot.  Of course, you will need to add your own spices to whatever dish you are preparing.

The tomatoes can be used in many instances to replace fresh tomatoes.  In making up sample corn gratin and sample corn cakes, we used the well-drained tomatoes as an ingredient in the recipe. Also, when making a tomato concasse, we tossed the diced and drained tomatoes with olive oil, and fresh herbs. Similarly, we used them in a stuffed eggplant and as a component in a black olive tomato tapenade. For breakfast, we have lightly broiled the tomatoes which we top with poached eggs!



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