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  • Place a minimum order of $55 and receive free delivery to your door each week. To avoid the necessity of you having to be at home when we deliver, we simply ask that you leave a cooler (one like this will do) with ice packs in a predetermined, shady location around the exterior of your home, townhouse or apartment.
  • We can deliver to your front door or to your back door – wherever you feel we can readily gain access and in a location where we can leave the basket with minimal risk of loss or deterioration. We leave the perishable produce in your cooler and the other crops in the shade.
  • Forgot your cooler? Uh-oh. If you have forgotten your cooler, we will leave your produce in the most protected location we can find around your home, and telephone you at the emergency number you provided when signing up.
  • Many of our customers leave a cooler in a permanent location around their home all season long.

Our Happy Clients

Bryson Farms, I love you! Having a pile of vegetable delivered to my door every Friday really feels like Christmas morning to me. What new recipes will this chef come up with?!
Elizabeth W, Ottawa, Ont.
I received my local Bryson Farms fresh greens basket delivery yesterday. Not only do I love the amazingly delicious produce, it also makes me happy to support a local farm who has a vested interest in our health and wellness. We choose to support what matters to us. Your nutrition maters

Fit Beauties, Ottawa, Ont.
Great selection of vegies … Thanks to Bryson Farms!!!This is a 2-perspm basket – carrots, mixed finger potatoes, radish, beets, mushroom, sprouts, bokchoy, yam, romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, parsnips, winter squash, mixed greens.
Belita S, Ottawa, Ont.