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Bryson Farms is a CERTIFIED ORGANIC farm (by the OCPP) which delivers fresh and exotic produce to your door every week, year-round. We also offer our home delivery customers our own certified organic beef as well as our own line of flash-frozen vegetables and prepared foods.

Our fresh vegetables picked the day before delivery to ensure absolute freshness and quality. We supply our family of home delivery customers with a “pick-of-the-day” basket of fresh and unusual vegetables which changes as the season progresses.

We only deliver our own produce. Therefore, during the growing season, nothing we sell is re-sold or imported! By only selling what we grow, we can unconditionally guarantee our produce for freshness and flavour. During the winter, we often supplement our own fresh or stored produce with vegetables of exceptional quality from other farms.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). Click on the + sign beside the question for the answer.

You Don’t Have to Be Home To Accept Delivery-We Deliver To Your Cooler!

To avoid the necessity of you having to be at home when we deliver, we simply ask that you leave a hard plastic cooler (48 quart size recommended) with ice packs in a predetermined, shady location around the exterior of your home/townhouse/apartment. From our many years of experience, soft plastic coolers, or any cooler with zippers, belts or buttons do not work. And the larger the cooler the better! Small coolers do not work and will not give your order the protection it needs!

We can deliver to your front door or to your back door – wherever you feel we can readily gain access and in a location where we can leave the basket with minimal risk of loss or deterioration. We leave the perishable produce in your cooler and the other crops in the shade.

The “cooler delivery” method has worked very well for us for many years – with the only exceptions being a couple of years ago when one yellow watermelon mysteriously disappeared from a customer’s basket and when a few coolers were taken by mistake! We have found that our products are quite safe in 99% of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods.

The biggest problem we have had with home deliveries is customers forgetting to leave their coolers out. In the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, this poses a unique problem because we do not want your produce to become overheated or frozen before you even receive it.

To try and solve this problem, we email you a couple of days before delivery (what we call a “reminder email”) as a reminder to leave your cooler out for us. If you are expecting a delivery and do not receive your weekly reminder by e-mail, please contact us because we have probably not scheduled you for a delivery. Likewise, if you receive a reminder e-mail and you do not need a delivery, please let us know as soon as you can.

But even with e-mail reminders, some of our customers will inevitably still forget to leave their coolers out. We will deliver your produce to your cooler – but if you have forgotten your cooler, we will leave your produce in the most protected location we can find around your home and telephone/email you at the telephone number/email address you have provided to let you know where we have left your basket. Many of our customers leave a cooler in a permanent location around their home year-round. This way, if they forget the ice packs, at least there is some protection to the produce. This works well if you have a convenient location which works for you.

And yes, we deliver produce to coolers in garages, on porches, under shade trees, at front doors, back doors and side doors, upstairs, downstairs, on steps, in foyers, in yards, under benches – and anywhere else that works for you, will work for us!

Why You Sometimes Receive a Small Quantity of Some Vegetables:

As the growing season progresses, we have lots and lots of produce to include in our baskets. But as our crops begin producing at the beginning of the season (such as tomatoes), we don’t have very many of them to go around. In May, for example, when our greenhouse tomatoes begin ripening, you may only receive one or two tomatoes at a time. Then, as the season progresses, there will be bushels! The same is true for just about all our other crops, such as snap peas, snow peas, broccoli, carrots, winter salad greens, etc. Just be patient and the quantities will increase – but we like to share all that we have, even when the quantities are small.

Cheques, Cash, Interact, PayPal, and Credit Card Payments

We prefer not to receive cheques or cash as they get can lost in the delivery van and also incur added bookkeeping costs. However, we can make it work if this is your preferred payment method.

We now accept Interact Transfers sent to: with the password: bryson.

You may also send us a Pay Pal payment to:

You may also enter your credit card number (no space/dashes), expiration date, and CVV in your Bryson Farms account and we will automatically debit your credit card each month (around the first/last of the month) for your baskets scheduled to be delivered in the next  month based on your “recurring order.” This is the easiest and most efficient way to pay for your baskets which is why we assume all service charges associated with these credit card transactions. This payment method also automatically calculates basket size, Add-Ons, away dates, and more. It also carries credit balances forward into the next month’s baskets when appropriate!

Customer Blog

In order to make our service more enjoyable, our home-delivery customers have access to our “Customer Blog” where they can find descriptions, pictures, recipes, and tips for the vegetables contained in the weekly baskets. Our customers can also post comments, recipes, and tips of their own which they want to share with other home-delivery customers.

Add Ons

With the development of our online storefront in 2010, our home delivery customers can now add fresh seasonal items to their basket orders (at extra cost) such as extra heirloom tomatoes, fingerlings, salad greens, heirloom carrots, etc. or products from our line of frozen vegetables, or they can just order a la carte.

Also, with the completion of our new commercial kitchen, we now prepare our own healthy, frozen prepared foods such as soups, complete meals, tagines, chilis, tarts, curries, cakes, pies, stews, tourtieres, and so much more – made mostly from the vegetables we grow! These items are available as Add-Ons for our home delivery customers through our online storefront and many are Vegan and/or Gluten-Free and/or Vegetarian. Check out our “Shop” page for more details.

Our customers can also Add-On to their order with our own Certified Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Beef, and Certified Organic Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs from Yorkshire Valley Farms – foraged and cultivated Mushrooms and more!

Can We Just Order Add Ons?

Yes! Many of our customers get on our routes just to order our fresh vegetables as “Add-Ons” and/or our certified organic beef, or just our frozen prepared foods, or just chicken, turkey, or eggs – or any combination thereof! As long as your order is at least $60, we will deliver whatever you would like!

Certified Organic Beef

Our home-delivery customers can order our Federally-Inspected, Certified Organic, Beef as an “Add-On” to their baskets. Our supplies vary throughout the year depending on supply and demand, but our beef is only available to our customers through our online storefront.

Our cattle are entirely (100%) grass-raised and were actually born and reared on our farm!

Many regional farms do not raise their own cattle – the just buy animals from anywhere, feed them for a few months, and then sell the beef products as their own!

Environmentally Friendly Baskets

In recent years, we have developed almost entirely environmentally friendly baskets. This means that all plastic bags are biodegradable and can be composed or placed in your trash with a clear conscience that the bag will decompose within three to six months. Of course, you may re-use the bags until they start to fall apart, but please do not return them to us.

In 2011, we introduced our new salad greens bags – which can keep your salad greens (and other greens) fresh for up to two weeks or more! These new plastic bags are made of recyclable plastic and we cannot re-use these bags for health reasons – so please do not return them to us. These bags have tiny perforations and are manufactured in Montreal exclusively for Bryson Farms.

At times, we deliver produce to your home in plastic clamshells. After you have used the produce in the clamshells, we appreciate you quickly rinsing them out and leaving them in your cooler so that our delivery crew can pick them up and bring them back to the farm where we sanitize and use them again!

We are very pleased, not only to have a farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture, but we are also doing all that we can to make sure that our certified organic products arrive at your door in packaging which will not add to greenhouse emissions.

Special Procedures for Winter Deliveries

Many people don’t think it possible for us to home-deliver fresh vegetables and other products during the winter. In fact, we have been doing this for many years, and every year, we add more and more customers to our year-round service.

In the winter, we deliver our own fresh produce from our greenhouses like salad greens, micro-greens, pea shoots, swiss chard, kale, and collard greens as well as our stored crops which we carefully tend during the winter months such as – fingerlings, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins, heirloom carrots, beets, parsnips, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, radish, turnips, rutabaga, scorzonera, salsify, shallots and so much more! We also partner with other Certified Organic local producers in order add more variety to the winter baskets.

In 2010, we starting processing our own line for frozen vegetables – sweet corn, French filet green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vegetables, and more – so these items are also included in the winter baskets. Plus, we now process our own winter squash puree, diced sweet peppers, sliced sweet potatoes, whole vacuum-packed Heirloom Tomatoes, and “Just” Heirloom Tomatoes which are further vegetable components in the winter baskets.

But the winter rules are a little different. We ask that you leave your cooler in a location close to your front door. Ice and snow can often prevent us from obtaining access to your back door or garage. Many of our customers bank their coolers in snow during the winter for added insulation. And in the winter, we don’t need you to leave ice packs in the cooler, but rather a heavy old blanket or two pillows. Two pillows work best because we can actually leave the produce between the two pillows in the cooler where it will be very well protected even from temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius. This is yet another reason to have a large (48 quart) hard plastic cooler.

Home Delivery Days

This map shows where we deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This map is constantly changing, so if we are close to you, email us and we will see if we can work something out.

We also have marked where our local markets can be found. ***Click on the map to see this in Google Maps***

We are currently developing new routes into Pembroke and throughout the region!

If you do not see your neighbourhood on this list, please just email us as our routes are changing all the time!

We generally deliver from mid-morning through late afternoon. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time since our delivery routes vary from day to day.

Can You Deliver Biweekly?

Yes! Although most of our customers are on a “weekly” delivery schedule, many are “biweekly” which work for smaller or single households.

Our online storefront also allows our customers to order “monthly” or only as needed – just email us so that we can help you program your delivery schedule to meet your family’s needs.

High-Rise Deliveries

Bryson Farms already delivers into many high-rises in Ottawa. Please contact us to see if we are currently delivering to your building. Delivery into high-rises can be challenging since many building managers do not allow delivery personnel into a building for obvious security reasons. Last year, though, we thought the only way we could deliver into a high-rise was if a resident was at home to let us in.

But some of our customers came up with some innovative solutions to high-rise deliveries. One customer left her cooler outside her building so that we could deliver to her. The produce made it through the season without incident! Others left their coolers in the front lobby. This also worked well.

And another group of customers provided us with access to their building (with management’s permission) so that we can deliver to their door (or a ground floor location) without the necessity of anyone being at home.

We also phone customers to access their building and leave their order in a cooler left outside their front  door.

We try will to be creative and make it work for you!

Certified Organic Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs

In 2014, we formed a partnership with Yorkshire Valley Farms in Peterborough so that our customers can include certified organic chicken, turkey, and eggs to their orders as Add-Ons! This partnership has been a great success and our customers are loving Yorkshire’s poultry products and the convenience of having these products delivered to their door!



If You Need More or Less

If you are going to need more or less than your usual order, some Add-Ons, or even a larger basket, please just make the appropriate changes in your Bryson Farms account no later than the deadline for your delivery day.

Is There a Long-Term Commitment?


With our home delivery service (CSA), we do not require an up-front deposit and you can cancel at anytime – even after just one basket! There is no long-term commitment!

What if I need to cancel an order?

You can also vacation dates you will not need a delivery in your online Bryson Farms account or just “skip” an order. If in doubt, just email us!

If You Don’t Like Something

If you don’t like (or are allergic to) a particular product that we’ve delivered, just click the “Dislikes” button in your Bryson Farms account, mark the items you would like to place a permanent “stop order” on, and then click “Submit” and we will substitute other produce for you the following week.

It is also handy to give us a few of your “Likes” so we know the types of items you would like to receive as substitutes for the “Dislikes.”

How Far Into the Season Will You Deliver?

We delivery year-round!

Things We Don’t Grow

We do not grow strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries.

And of course everything we do grow is subject to crop success.

If You Are Away- Please Let Us Know!

If you are going to be away, just click the “away dates” button in your Bryson Farms account, click the dates you will be away and click “Submit.” It is that simple!

And please don’t forget to let us know you will be away!!We deliver to you every week (or biweekly or on any schedule you like!) unless you tell us to stop. Thus, if you have not told us you are away and we show up at your home and cannot find your cooler in its usual location, we will just think that you have forgotten to leave your cooler out – not that you are away! We have no way of knowing you are away unless you tell us. If we leave produce when you are away, it could be very undesirable by the time you return.

We do our best to accommodate a special request if we can and leave it up to our customers to manage their own accounts. We understand that many families people are on holiday during the July and August- but this poses no problem for us – just mark your away dates in your Bryson Farms account!

We prefer to have at least one week’s notice of any expected cancellation. If you know you are going on holiday or a business trip and will not need a delivery, just mark your “away dates” in your account. While last minute cancellations are not appreciated, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you really have no choice but to cancel at the last minute.

If you are unable to access your online account for any reason, just email us your away dates or changes to your order.


Not only is everything we delivery “organic,” it is CERTIFIED ORGANIC – from our fresh and frozen vegetables, beef, prepared foods, chicken, turkey, eggs, mushrooms and more!

And Certified Organic means:

No Pesticides
No Fungicides
No Herbicides
No Hormones
No Steriods
No Antibiotics
Humanely-raised & Pastured animals

And a lot more!

How Long Do Customers Stay with Bryson Farms?

We are proud that many of our customers have been with us for more than a decade – some as long as we have been farming – almost 20 years! We are very grateful for their support.


The process of home delivery is really quite simple: Just remember to leave your cooler and ice pack out on the morning of your delivery day and you will arrive home to a basket of farm-fresh vegetables and more to enjoy. You can enlarge, decrease, or even cancel your order at any time with no obligation.