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Crushed Music Garlic


Our favourite variety of garlic is “Music” – a red, heirloom variety with amazing flavour. When we started our farm many years ago, we were the only ones who grew it!

This summer we developed our new “Crushed Music Garlic” which we think is a pretty nice product.

We harvest our music garlic and immediately clean it up and then crushed it, mix with a light organic olive oil, jar it and flash-freeze it. Once defrosted it will last a couple of months in the fridge. And it is so easy ot use.

This is NOT a dehydrated, cooked, minced, or irradiated product!

This is RAW garlic, harvested at its prime, in a jar!! VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, LOW SODIUM.

And when we’re out, we’re out until next season! I want several in our freezer for the long winter months!

This item is available as an Add-On only.



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