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Collard Greens


Collard Greens are members of the cabbage family grown for cooked greens. They look like cabbage plants that do not form heads. Just the leaves are used for collards. Although most varieties are associated with Southern U.S. cooking, the variety we grow is a very cold hardy type ideal for Spring. Cook as you would [...]

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It’s Cabbage Time!


Just harvested from the field this morning, Napa Cabbage and more types of cabbage are making their way into our home delivery baskets. This cabbage, which is sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, can be used for wraps, rolls, in coleslaw, Kim Chi, cooked in a stir fry or braised (just to name a few [...]

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Treviso Radicchio


If we lived in Northern Italy, this type of chicory would be very commonplace. However, in Canada, it is rarely grown. We love it as a Fall crop which gets so very sweet after repeated frosts. We use it in a Fall salad mix and hope you enjoy it. It is so beautiful to look [...]

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Mustard Greens


  Red (purple), green, ruffled, and more  - cooking mustards. Cook as you would any other cooking green - but this one cooks very quickly (just wilt it) and there is no need to remove the stems as they are very tender. We stir fry them with a splash of olive oil, garlic, pepper and [...]

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Mustard Greens! DON’T BE AFRAID OF THEM!!


These are Mustard Greens - very spicy if eaten raw! They can be eaten raw (but they are HOT) or, if cooked, they lose their spicy nature and mellow as with any cooking green! They are fabulous in a stir-fry or steamed!! Your whole family will love them....but don't be scared of them!!

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Fall Mixed Greens


Our Fall Mixed Greens is a celebration of exotic greens like endive, radicchio, colourful mild oriental greens, arugula, lettuce, and more! It is our favourite of the season as it is spicy, tender, and delicious. This bag of mixed greens, though, is NOT included in the Children's Baskets as the Children's Baskets only receive "Mild [...]

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