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Treviso Radicchio


If we lived in Northern Italy, this type of chicory would be very commonplace. However, in Canada, it is rarely grown. We love it as a Fall crop which gets so very sweet after repeated frosts. We use it in a Fall salad mix and hope you enjoy it. It is so beautiful to look [...]

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Shallot Scape!!


Just like garlic scape - only from shallots! It is milder than garlic scape, but used in the same fashion. It is great chopped thinly in salads or cooked anyway you like! They make an unbelievable shallot stock which we use in many of our prepared foods. And the flower buds are also entirely edible [...]

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Ways to Use Micro-Greens and Pea Shoots


It's Spring at Bryson Farms! Micro-Greens and Pea Shoots are not only beautiful - but delicious and healthy as well! We have been growing this "Superfood" for many years! We receive lots of emails about micro-greens and pea shoots as many of our customers do not know how to use them or confuse them with [...]

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Greens-Only Baskets


We are now offering a "greens only" basket for those greens-freaks out there (like us!) In this special basket ($60), you will receive a delightful combination of Mixed Salad Greens, Leaf Lettuce, Romaine, Micro-Greens, Pea Shoots, as well as lots of cooking greens like Blue Kale, Red Kale, Swiss Chard, and Blue Leaf Cabbage.  As [...]

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It’s Spring at Bryson Farms


Our greenhouse crops, although bountiful, are still recovering from a horrible winter. We are at least month behind where we should be at this time of year! These salad products will be making their way to your basket in the weeks to come! But are always available as Add-Ons: Mixed Salad Greens Mild Lettuce Head [...]

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