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The slow-food movement starts in the field


In 1986, Carlo Petrini founded the International Slow Food Movement as an alternative to the fast food culture that emerged following the First World War, as vehicles and drive-thrus became increasingly common. Petrini urged people to rediscover the joy that comes from to taking the time to grow and prepare good food. At Bryson Farms, [...]

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“What does organic actually mean?”


This is a question we get all the time at Bryson Farms and while the answer should be simple, that’s not always the case.  At the most basic level, organic means that something is grown or raised in the most natural manner possible without any chemical input. At Bryson Farms that means that we never [...]

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Our garlic survived!


After the worst winter on record, a welcome sing is that the garlic survived! The close has rooted and sprouted an almost tulip-like shoot. It won't be harvested before late July and then will need to to dry. We should our own fresh garlic all winter long!  

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Binjte Potatoes


Binjte Wonderful all-purpose potatoes with great flavour! They also make an outstanding mashed potato! A Dutch heirloom variety, this one scores big on taste and flexibility. It is head and shoulders above Yukon Gold!

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Banana Fingerlings


The earliest fingerling we grow, this one is a keeper. Do not peel them - just wash, steam and enjoy! A small dab of butter might be nice but these are great on their own. They are also great to use for potato salad as they stay together after cooking.

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Certified Organic Garlic


Russian Garlic This year, we decided to break away for the Music Garlic tradition and try some different varieties - like Red Russian and the very spicy, Bogatyr. Garlic in now in the baskets and we hope to store it well into the winter. We generally give each basket one bulb each week [...]

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