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Fall Mixed Greens


Our Fall Mixed Greens is a celebration of exotic greens like endive, radicchio, colourful mild oriental greens, arugula, lettuce, and more! It is our favourite of the season as it is spicy, tender, and delicious. This bag of mixed greens, though, is NOT included in the Children's Baskets as the Children's Baskets only receive "Mild [...]

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It’s Melon Season!


Our melons are grown for their flavour! When you cut them open, they have red, pink, yellow, or orange flesh - they all are very sweet! Kids of all ages will go crazy for these heirloom melons! And they haven't been pumped full of chemical fertilizers like those conventional farmers grow! Enjoy!!

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Golden Crown/Golden Midget/Diana


After many years of growing watermelons, this is one of our favourite heirlooms - Yellow Skin and richly pink, sweet, and delicious flesh - amazing! Originally from China, it is an fabulous melon which goes under the names of "Golden Crown," "Golden Midget,"  and "Diana" - three names for the same heirloom melon. Enjoy!

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Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho!


A real summer treat - our delicious gazpacho made with our own Heirloom Tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers! WOW! Absolutely refreshing on these hot summer days! Add one to your order! (This product is only available in the summer and when we are sold out, that's it for the season). And of course it is Vegan, [...]

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Why Certified Organic Sweet Corn Costs More!


We believe that it is very important to understand the difference between the conventional sweet corn you can buy now at local markets or roadside stands and the certified organic sweet corn which we and other certified organic farmers grow. The methods used to grow these crops are entirely different. Conventional Sweet Corn: In conventional [...]

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Canadian Organic Sweet Corn!!


Our Sweet Corn will soon be appearing in your baskets! Enjoy!! Weather permitting, it could last well through September and the sweetest varieties mature later in the season. And it is Canadian Organic unlike the chemical-laden sweet corn which plagues roadside stands and markets these days! Yikes - unless it is certified organic, it is [...]

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Yellow and White Mangels


White and Yellow mangels with luscious green tops - so easy to cook and so delicious. Cut off the roots and steam them until tender. Then run them under cold water to remove the skin and enjoy! At this time of year, these young root crops cook quickly. The green tops are one of the [...]

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