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The absolute best wild mushroom around. Every part of it can be consumed, and although many recipes explain how to savour every piece of them, we just saute them lightly in butter and pepper and enjoy! The are not cultivated - so Mother Natures determines how many we have and for how long!! Enjoy the [...]

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Romanesco Italian Zucchini


This green zucchini with ridges is the best zucchini around. It is of course an Italian heirloom and we grow lots of it as we never tire of its nutty flavour. It is excellent in a stir-fry - or fabulous sliced in half and grilled with some garlic or cilantro. A staple summer vegetable at [...]

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Purple French Filet Beans


This is a wonderful French Filet Purple bean which has a fabulous flavour. Unlike many coarse and HUGE purple beans on the market, this one is pencil-thin, tender, cooks quickly, and is so delicious! It does turn a disappointing green when cooked, but because it is so tender, it can be used raw!

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